Ghosts Roam This Campus

Snap a picture of an old photo print just where it was taken decades earlier, and something magical happens.

The entrance to the Texas Union,
taken from the Union courtyard. Original photo dated 1944.
(Original: The 1944 Cactus Yearbook.)

Looking up at the Communications Plaza,
which was renamed the Walter Cronkite Plaza in April. Original photo circa 1974-82.
(Original: Texas Exes Archives.)

The South Mall,
looking out toward the State Capitol. Original photo circa 1968-74.
(Original: Courtesy of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.)

A shot of West Mall,
which now sports a little less grass and much taller trees.
Original photo circa 1963-66.
(Original: The Texas Exes Archives.)

On the Drag,
in front of the University Co-op. Original photo circa 1966-77.
(Original: Courtesy of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History)

Longhorn Network visited campus to hear current students’ thoughts on the photos. See the exclusive video here:

See more “Dear Photograph“-style photos of the UT campus here.

Photos by Sarah Lim.


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