Longhorn Monica Aldama Is the Queen of Cheer

How this Texas Ex became a Netflix star and national champion.


Introducing the 2020 Texas Ten

Every year, the Alcalde flips the script and gives alumni the chance to give their favorite professors an A+.



Dear Class of 2020: Words of Encouragement, Advice, and Wisdom

Longhorns everywhere are keeping UT’s Class of 2020—who had an unimaginable ending to their college experience—in their...


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Honoring the 2020 Texas Excellence Awards Winners

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The Way Back: Temperature Rising

By 1918, the Forty Acres had been turned into a quasi-military installation as World War I raged on. But that was the least of students’ worries; the so-called...



From a Distance: The Story of UT’s 2020 Spring Semester

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In the Fight: How UT Researchers Have Been Working Tirelessly to Defeat COVID-19

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Loving the One You’re Quarantined With

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Robert Devens on Taking the Helm at UT Press

Robert Devens has an important first hire to make—and he’ll likely have to do it over some form of video chat. “We’re going to be doing it all remotely...