Campus Celebrates Tower’s 75th Birthday

There’s nothing like free birthday cake to cure a campus-wide case of the Mondays. A feeding frenzy of students, alumni, and faculty gathered at the UT Tower’s base on the West Mall to socialize and feast on sheet cake as a celebration of the campus icon’s 75th birthday.

“Who wouldn’t want free cake?” asked Leah Horsch, a senior who handed out commemorative stickers. “Students seem to be really excited and happy about the whole event,” she added, motioning to the orange and white balloons and swarms of students stopping to get their piece of the cake.

Some students were totally oblivious about the reason behind the free cake but were grateful for the treat. “I couldn’t believe the University was throwing a big party for the Tower. I think we should definitely celebrate our history, and the tower is such a central part of our campus and it’s history,” junior Matt Haviland said.

“Besides,” Haviland added, “today really is my birthday!”

The festivities continue this evening as the Tower glows orange with “75” lit in its windows.

Read more about how the Tower was built here. Sign up to take a tour here.



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