UT Alum’s GoodPops are Sweet Treats for Grown-Ups

As temperatures in Austin creep toward the triple digits for the 64th time this year—not that anyone’s counting—sometimes the old standby methods of cooling off just don’t cut it.

Running through sprinklers? Perfect for children, but less socially acceptable for adults. Ice cream and snow cones? Delicious, but syrupy-sweet and coma-inducing.  Enter GoodPops.

Every Thursday through Sunday, from noon to 7 p.m., the GoodPop Pop-Up Shop appears in the dusty parking lot of New World Liquor at the corner of Riverside and South Congress. The “shop” is really just a UT undergrad reading a Russian novel under a tent, with a little freezer cart parked nearby. When pressed, he admitted to eating at least four popsicles so far that day.

Naysayers will call locally-made, organic, all-natural, gluten-free, vegan, etc., etc., $2.50 popsicles a little frivolous, and they’re right. As with the recent cupcake shop trend, it’s easy to whip up a quick batch of popsicles (or cupcakes) much more cheaply at home, with a similar result.

Yet GoodPops’ appeal derives primarily from their frivolousness.  First, there’s the range of flavors, whose very names smack of sophistication: pineapple chile, hibiscus mint, and soy coconut, among others. The stylish pink logo and crisp packaging don’t hurt either. If the Good Humor popsicles of childhood—the ones shaped like rockets or cartoon characters, staining tongues in lurid shades—can be compared to Ke$ha, then GoodPops are like Marilyn Monroe. They’re classy and sleek.

And they really are refreshing, mostly because they’re not too sweet or too complicated.  The watermelon agave pop may sound fancy, but it tastes just like pure, unadulterated watermelon in popsicle form. And at 50 to 60 calories a pop, these are a healthy indulgence.

GoodPops, the brainchild of UT alum Daniel Goetz, are also sold in 4-packs at Whole Foods and other local retailers. Find a full list on their website.

Photos by Kae Wang


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