Walking in Austin as a Hipster [Watch]

By now you’ve probably seen the video of a New York woman receiving dozens of inappropriate comments from men as she walks for 10 hours through the city. It sparked an online conversation about street harassment—and spawned some welcome comic relief, like this Funny or Die spoof poking fun at white privilege. Now the latest offshoot parodies Austin hipsters, with the Drag and the Forty Acres making an appearance.

Jim Waltrip, a local entrepreneur and self-taught computer scientist, posted this video on YouTube of a man dressed as a hipster—skinny jeans, tight button-down shirt, gauges, tattoos, the whole nine yards—walking around Austin. It’s almost a shot-for-shot parody of the catcall video, and it’s definitely more pleasant to watch.

The hipster is approached by stereotypical Austin locals, offering him everything from yoga classes and jam sessions to a “cinnamon kale home brew” and “locally grown, non-GMO, sustainably farmed” Romaine lettuce. There’s even a spot-on extended bit on people not shutting up about South By Southwest. And his walk down the Drag, where he’s accosted by a Scientologist and a Longhorns fan, doesn’t seem that far off from reality.


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