Talk Back: Responses to Our July|August 2014 Issue


The Man for the Job

Our cover story and interactive feature on Charlie Strong inspired a lot of well wishes for the newly minted Longhorn coach. Diehard fans seem to have a new philosophy when it comes to the team: patience.

George Bradford said, “I’m bullish on Charlie Strong. We’ve got a difficult season ahead. But in a couple of years no one will want to play his Longhorns. At all.”

Sanjay Dalal, BS ’92, Life Member, said, “He’s going to do wonders at UT! I think we will be national champions within three years.”

Boomerang Days: Infinite Jester

The inaugural edition of funnyman Owen Egerton’s column “Boomerang Days,” in which he set out to relive his glory days in Jester, brought back vivid dorm memories (and aromas) for our readers.

DeDe Worthan Webb, BJ ’84, said, “I enjoyed this. I lived in Jester 10 years before the author, on the second floor. It was the only all-girl floor, and known as ‘the Virgin Vault.’ We weren’t amused.”

Cas Miner, said, “I lived in Jester from 1971-72. I took my son on a campus tour in 2005; we walked through Jester and it smelled EXACTLY the same. How did they manage that?!”

Changing Our Tune

B.J. Garner, ’64, Life Member, former member of the Longhorn Band, says “Thank you for sharing Ron Aldred’s letter in the July|August 2014 issue. I also concur that a change in the wording of the fight song regarding Texas A&M would be appropriate. Since our current greatest rival is located north of the Red river, we might consider the following:

Texas Fight! Texas Fight!

And it’s goodbye to Okie U.

Texas Fight! Texas Fight!

To Texas we’ll ever be true.

Texas Fight! Texas Fight!

For it’s Texas that we love best.”

The remainder of the song remains unchanged. Hopefully Texas A&M will come to their senses and rejoin the Big 12, but until that happens, OU will be a nice fit as a ‘worthy opponent.’”

The Way Back

An archival photo of Austin’s skyline in 1936 brought back vivid memories for one reader. Megan Martin said, “My grandma was so excited to see this picture in her Alcalde, the Tower restaurant on the right was where she and my grandfather had their first date, got engaged, and had their wedding reception. I never knew!”

Find the  Albino  Squirrel

Congratulations to Roman Patson (age 7) who found the furry creature relaxing in a field of bluebonnets on page 81. Your prize is in the mail.

Remember, the squirrel is hiding somewhere in the pages of each issue. Email his location to and you could get all the glory.


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