The Big Layover: A Frequent Flyer Stays Grounded When Everything Is Up in the Air

As told to Dorothy Guerrero Norton on her front porch in Austin, 2020. I remember exactly when I first caught the bug. Travel has always been a major...


A World Away: Traversing Peru as the World Braced for Change

When Alcalde staff photographer Matt Wright-Steel set out for Peru in early March, the Flying Longhorns host was ready to experience the beauty and wonder of South...


Discovering the Romance of Portugal’s Douro River

Flying Longhorns take a trip to the Iberian peninsula.


Slowing Down in Costa Rica

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. But this past December, during my first-ever visit to Big Bend National Park, I began to take note of things like ice...


Wall to Wall: Finding Majesty in the Intricacies of Egypt’s Past and Present

On my first day in Cairo, jetlagged and disoriented, I boarded a bus with 27 other intrepid Flying Longhorns and was shuttled off through the dusty, bustling streets...


Small Wonder: Tiny Iceland’s Vast Majesty

The Strokkur geyser erupts every four to eight minutes. In between, it’s a brooding, bubbling hot-pot surrounded by a ring of gray steam and a flimsy looking...


Finding Clarity on the Balkan Peninsula

One balmy September morning, I sat in the Austin airport breathing shallowly, gripped by apprehension. I was about to traverse the Atlantic to meet 18 Flying Longhorns...


Flying Longhorns Take the Road Less Traveled in Italy

At Villa Zuccari, a boutique hotel located on land owned by the Zuccari family since the 15th century, in the town of Montefalco, smack in the center of Italy,...


Not a Standard Love Story

Two Longhorns went all the way to Europe to find each other. When Drew, BBA ’08, Life Member, and Christine Bagot, BS ’08, tell people that starting a business...

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