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New Summer Reads Introduce You to Important Trailblazers

Lone Star Vistas Travel Writing on Texas, 1821-1861 by Astrid Haas   As Texas became a destination for large-scale immigration in the wake of Mexico’s...


Four Summer Reads from Longhorn Authors

With One Hand Tied Behind My Brain A Memoir of Life After Stroke by Avrel Seale, BS ’89, Life Member Seale learns that wasting time is wasting life...


How UT Researchers Closed the Case on Dinosaur Extinction

Thanks to asteroid dust inside an impact crater in the Yucatán Peninsula, the question of what killed the dinosaurs has been definitively answered—66 million...

Introducing the 2021 Texas Ten

Introducing the 2021 Texas Ten

In the Storm of the Century, UTMSI Rescued a Record Number of Turtles

In the Storm of the Century, UTMSI Rescued a Record Number of Turtles


One Year Later, The Daily Texan Adapts to a Changing Media Landscape

Between going mostly digital (for now) and shifting its coverage, how the pandemic has changed The Daily Texan over the last year.


The Blanton Museum Grounds Have Been Reimagined

Behind the scenes of the Blanton’s new look, which will include architectural and landscape improvements and a public mural.


Taking a Virtual Art Lesson with the Blanton Museum: “Our Lady of Cocharcas”

Ray Williams, director of education and academic affairs at the Blanton Museum of Art, gives us a virtual lesson on the 1751 Peruvian painting “Our Lady of...


A Look Inside UT’s Brand New Robotics Laboratory

At the newly renovated Anna Hiss Gymnasium, the U.S. Army, the State of Texas, and The University of Texas at Austin are working together on cutting edge robotics...


We Visited Bevo XV at His Ranch

Bevo XV sightings are few and far between these days, so we went out to his ranch just outside Austin to see how he’s holding up.