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Still Cookin’

After a one-year pandemic break, Texas Law’s 22nd Annual Tailgate Extravaganza brought alumni together again on campus.


Discover Your Inner-Texan with New Reads from the Longhorn Universe

Being TexanEssays, Recipes, and Advice for the Lone Star Way of LifeBy the editors of Texas Monthly Texas Monthly taps into its long roster of contributors...


Never Forget

The NYC Chapter of the Texas Exes remembers September 11, 2001, and the Longhorns we lost.


Fantasy, Football, and Funny Women: Discover New Fall Reads

Cracking Up – Black Feminist Comedy in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century United States By Katelyn Hale Wood, MA ’09, PhD ’14  Dressed...

A Longhorn’s New Video Installation Revisits a Hollywood Icon

A Longhorn’s New Video Installation Revisits a Hollywood Icon

In Valley, now at the Blanton Museum of Art through September 19, 2021, various artists reenact Judy Garland’s wardrobe test for Valley of the Dolls.


New Summer Reads Introduce You to Important Trailblazers

Lone Star Vistas Travel Writing on Texas, 1821-1861 by Astrid Haas   As Texas became a destination for large-scale immigration in the wake of Mexico’s...


On the Record

Discover the vast collection of LPs, 78s, tapes, CDs, piano rolls, and more housed on The University of Texas at Austin campus.


Four Summer Reads from Longhorn Authors

With One Hand Tied Behind My Brain A Memoir of Life After Stroke by Avrel Seale, BS ’89, Life Member Seale learns that wasting time is wasting life...

The Story of John Chase

The Story of John Chase

How the first Black student to ever enroll at The University of Texas at Austin became a pioneering architect with a lasting legacy.


How UT Researchers Closed the Case on Dinosaur Extinction

Thanks to asteroid dust inside an impact crater in the Yucatán Peninsula, the question of what killed the dinosaurs has been definitively answered—66 million...

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