Telling the Stories of the Whitman Shooting [Podcast]

On a hot August day in 1966, Charles Whitman carried a footlocker full of guns and ammunition to the top of the UT Tower and started firing. The incident changed the University and the nation forever. We talk with three people telling the stories of that day nearly 50 years later.

Telling the Stories of the Whitman Shooting [Podcast]

Elizabeth Crook is a novelist originally from Houston. Her novel based on the shooting, Monday, Monday, is available on Amazon.

Pamela Colloff is an executive editor for Texas Monthly. You can read her oral history of the shooting, “96 Minutes” at Texas Monthly.

Keith Maitland, BA ’98, is a filmmaker. You can support his documentary on the shooting, Tower, at its website and by visiting the film’s IndieGoGo campaign.


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