Center for Students in Recovery Celebrates 10 Years


After a decade of making sure that no student is alone in their struggle with addiction, UT’s Center for Students in Recovery (CSR) celebrated their 10-year anniversary last week. More than 250 students, alumni, supporters, and administrators attended the celebration, including Regents Steve Hicks and Bobby Stillwell.

Ivana Grahovac, who directs the center, says the anniversary was a special evening for all.

“We did a sobriety countdown from 40 years sober all the way to one of our students with four days sober,” she says. “We all had chills.”

CSR’s role is to motivate and support students at every stage of recovery. It does this by holding regular meetings and organizing social and community events, from volunteering together to bringing prominent speakers to campus. But recovery is a two-way street—students must do their part, too.

“The amount of time these students dedicate to being of service to each other and their campus is staggering,” Grahovac says. “They are role models.”

The recovery center has expanded tremendously since it was first established back in 2004. Hundreds of students turn to the CSR every semester for support in their struggle. In 2012, the American College Health Association recognized CSR with the award “Best Practices in College Health.” But the center has grown in more ways than just the amount of students it serves. A newly remodeled space in Bellmont Hall is one of their most recent expansions. But despite the new building and prestigious award, their purpose boils down to one thing—giving students hope.

“CSR’s role is to provide support, motivation, and encouragement for every point in this process, which is so incredibly fulfilling and awe-inspiring,” Grahovac says.

CSR director Ivana Grahovac speaks at the anniversary celebration.

Photo by Matt Valentine. 


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