Red Raider Proposes to Longhorn; No Tortillas Thrown [Watch]

No matter how intense the UT-Texas Tech rivalry is—or how many tortillas Tech fans toss on the field when the Horns visit Lubbock—it’s not strong enough to separate one pair of star-crossed lovers. Red Raider Justin Snasel planned a surprise proposal for his Longhorn sweetheart, Amanda Roberts, BJ ’10, last month.

But this wasn’t just any old proposal. Snasel created a funny video reenacting the moment he first met Roberts, the time they spent dating, and of course, some friendly college rivalry.

“Over the last year and a half, my friends and family have grown to embrace Justin and all of his Tech ways. But there’s no way my future kids will be anything but Longhorns,” Roberts says.

Family and friends gathered at the Social House in Addision, Texas, for the big moment. It was the same place the lovebirds shared their first date nearly a year and a half ago. Roberts says she was completely caught off guard.

“A couple of my coworkers had planned a girls’ night with me earlier that week, so I wasn’t expecting anything,” she says.

Kneeling in front of his now bride-to-be, Snasel concluded his heartfelt proposal with, “I need to know if you will be my puzzle piece. I need to know if you will marry me.”

The wedding is planned for Oct. 5, but even in this “undivided” burnt-orange-and-red household, competition still lingers in the air on gameday.

“We have a semi-friendly rivalry and are able to keep it in check 364 days a year. But when our two schools are playing each other, it’s every man for himself,” Roberts says.


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