UT Football Has the Nation’s Biggest Facebook Fan Base


Bevo may not exactly reign supreme from sea to shining sea, but we recently learned from a Facebook data map that it’s pretty darn close. According to the map—which we spotted on Mashable—our Longhorn Nation covers 542 counties all over the United States, more than any other top-25 team.

Facebook created the map above by tallying how many “likes” each of the top 25 teams received in each county. While there are no doubt some meaningful limitations to this metric—such as the strength of each team’s official Facebook page, or the population density of each county—it’s still worth analyzing (and bragging about).

While some teams failed to dominate any county other than their own  (cough, cough, TCU and OSU), burnt orange bleeds across the largest area of the nation. The eyes of Texas are everywhere from Utah to North Dakota to New York.

Our biggest super-fan rivals are Florida with 423 counties, Ohio State with 376, and Nebraska with 324. The 12th man can barely be seen in the sea of burnt orange. A&M takes only their own county and one other on Arkansas.

Whether this map reflects Texas Exes who have migrated all over the nation and brought their UT pride along with them, or football fans who can spot a good team from half a nation away, we think it’s a beautiful thing.


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