DeLoss Dodds Responds to Retirement Rumor


After a story on the Longhorn sports website reported that two anonymous sources say UT Athletics director DeLoss Dodds will retire by the end of the year, UT Athletics released a statement from Dodds saying he has no immediate plans to retire.

The full statement reads: “I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I love The University of Texas. I have no immediate plans to retire, but when I do, we will let everyone know well in advance so that people do not have to speculate. Now let’s go out and beat Ole Miss.”

Associate athletics director Nick Voinis also told the Alcalde, “It’s just absolutely not true.”

Chip Brown’s story cites “two well-placed sources close to the situation” as saying that Dodds will step down as athletics director, moving into a half-time consulting position.

In an Alcalde interview last month, Dodds said, “I love what I do … I could retire today or I could retire next year. My contract allows me to be part time until 2020.”

Dodds has been UT’s athletics director since 1981. He is the ninth person to hold the position.


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