John Wayne, “The Searchers,” and the Future of Journalism [Podcast]

Glenn Frankel, director of UT’s School of Journalism, discusses his latest book about John Ford’s iconic western and the next chapter in his own career.

J-School Director Glenn Frankel on Creativity, John Wayne, and the Great American Myth

Glenn Frankel is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and director of UT’s School of Journalism.

Frankel on his new book The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend, and how generations of Texans have reinvented an age-old myth.


What will the future of journalism look like, and how will we get there? Frankel talks about creativity, digital media, and why now is a great time to be a part of the news media—really.


Glenn Frankel reflects on John Wayne—Life Member #249—and what he learned researching his latest book.

Photo from The Searchers.

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