Top 14 Life Members of All Time

To wrap up Life Member Celebration Week, we wanted to inspire you with a list of the greatest Life Members of all time.

We tried to come up with a nice round 10, but just too many notables have become Texas Exes lifers over the years. Here we present the top 14.

This is the company you keep. Let us know: who do you consider the grandaddy—or grandmama—of them all?


Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson, Life Member No. 259

Ben Crenshaw, Life Member No. 13499

Rex Tillerson, Life Member No. 9257

Bill Moyers, Life Member No. 7304

Billy J. “Red” McCombs, Life Member No. 12494

Barbara Smith Conrad, Life Member No. 15028

Walter Cronkite, Life Member No. 24933

Matthew McConaughey, Life Member No. 33731

Michael Dell, Life Member No. 41440

Catherine Osterman, Life Member No. 49047

Vincent Young, Life Member No. 50010

Denton Cooley, Life Member No. 2093

Darrell K Royal, Life member No. 87

John Wayne, Life Member No. 249


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