Ring Out the Glad Tidings!

In honor of our centennial, we’ve dug deep into a century’s worth of Alcalde issues to bring you a fascinating look at how the Forty Acres has changed over the years.

1955 FB_Tower Bells_1955

This is the fourth year that Tom Anderson, a teaching fellow in the music department, has been official “bell ringer” for the University, and before that, his brother David had the job. Each day that he performs, Anderson takes the Main Building elevator to the 27th floor of the 307-ft. tower, and then climbs still higher to the keyboard situated just below the belfry. Usually, he has time to play three or four numbers between 12:50 and 1 o’clock, the time period allotted for his performance. A man of imagination, Anderson varies his selection according to the time of year or current events. During a recent rare snow flurry he combined “Winter Wonderland” and “Good Old Summertime.”

More than 50 years later, Anderson is still ringing the bells today. Click here to read more.


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