UT Ranks 6th Nationally for Alumni Salaries

Measuring the return on investment in a college degree can be tricky. After all, intangibles like relationships, values, and life experiences are hard to quantify.

But at least one key metric is easy to rank: alumni salaries. And on that benchmark, UT-Austin is doing pretty well.

A new CBS News ranking compared median starting salaries for new grads of flagship state universities. With a median starting salary of $49,100, UT-Austin ranked sixth in the nation.

UC-Berkeley came in first ($53,100), followed by the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan (both $50,600), the University of Virginia ($50,500) and the University of Connecticut ($49,500).

The data for the ranking came from Payscale.com.

Illustration by TruthOut.org on Flickr.


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