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New Year, New Career

Hey Jen,

I’ve made my New Year’s resolutions to find more balance in my life this year, and that includes spending more time on the jogging trail and finding a new job—likely a career change—that gives me back my nights and weekends to spend with my family. I’ve been out of college for almost 12 years and since that was the last time I did a job search, I’m a bit rusty.

Because it is very easy to lose motivation with new goals each January, I have decided to enlist the help of a running coach and a career coach for some expert guidance, strategic planning, and realistic goal-setting. In my effort to be a healthier and happier person, I’ve set two goals: running a marathon and landing a new job by fall 2013. Can you assist me with my career needs and soon?

—Anxious in Atlanta

Dear Atlanta Alumnus,

It sounds to me like you’ve already taken great strides in becoming a healthier person simply by making your professional resolutions in the first place. So the real question is this: How do you maintain motivation while researching what you need and making a plan?

The benefit of a career class or job club would not only involve obtaining the current tools necessary for a 2013 job search (stop the 24/7 online search!), but also the expert coaching and fellow job-seekers to support you in your endeavors (and vice versa). It’s the equivalent of joining a coached running club.

Come September, will you expect to cross the finish line in record time without some expert coaching, team motivation for endurance, and hours of training? Of course not. The same goes for landing a great job. I highly recommend one or both of our webinar series, Find Your Calling and Get the Job, which run weekly for four and six weeks respectively.

We have many other services and resources available to you as an alumnus living outside Austin. Check out our website, and let us know what we can do to help you find that career balance in 2013.

Hook ’em!


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