Texas Cowboys Donate Almost $11,000 to Arc of the Capital Area

The Texas Cowboys’ love of Smokey the Cannon is rivaled only by their passion for volunteer work.

After record-breaking fundraising at their Harvest Moon Festival this fall, the Cowboys were able to donate $6,500 to the Arc of the Capital Area—an Austin organization that improves the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers—bringing their total donations for the year to almost $11,000. The UT student org has partnered with the Arc of the Capital Area since 1954.

“For almost 58 years, the Texas Cowboys have supported the Arc of the Capital Area,” says Arc of the Capital executive director Susan Eason. “It has been an extraordinary partnership and we are so grateful.”

The Harvest Moon Festival is the Cowboys’ biggest event of the year, and therefore their greatest fundraising opportunity. With live musical acts and nearly 2,000 guests, this year’s festival outshone the Cowboys’ expectations.

“I hope this donation gives them flexibility in accomplishing whatever their goals are,” Cowboys foreman Jed Cole says. “Whether they use it to just keep the doors open, or establish new programs, or run events, we are just so happy to help.”

The Cowboys volunteer weekly at the Arc of the Capital Area, working in classrooms and helping put on social events.

“Looking back, it was my days as a Cowboy that planted the desire to serve people with disabilities, and I am proud to continue with that connection through serving The Arc of the Capital Area,”  says Hale Umstattd, BBA ’77, Life Member, a Texas Cowboy alumnus and board member who has volunteered at the Arc since the ’70s.

The Cowboys hope to continue supporting the Arc of the Capital Area far into the future.

“We love supporting the Arc,” Cole says. “Our relationship is strong and I think with the way things are going, I can only see our ties getting stronger.”

The Texas Cowboys present members of the Arc staff with a check. Photo courtesy the Arc of the Capital Area.


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