Longhorns Test Relationship, Talk Up Pride on Race Show

Alumni Trey Wier and Lexi Beerman had plenty of adventures at UT—now they’re taking their act global under pressure, all while the world watches.

Indulging in a little prime time network TV? You’ve got a new excuse for vegging out: cheering on some fellow Longhorns.

Former football player Trey Wier and pom squad member Lexi Beerman make up one of 11 teams (10 after Sunday night’s episode) competing in the 21st season of The Amazing Race on CBS.

The Amazing Race debuted in 2001, and features teams of people with some prior relationship traveling to various countries in order to out perform other teams in a myriad of relationship-testing challenges, from eating bugs to racing bulls. The first team to complete the final competition wins. And this year the opening episode revealed that this year’s teams will be competing for double the usual money: $2 million.

Wier and Beerman have been a team for much longer than the course of this competition. The two met in 2009 at UT, where Wier played football and Beerman cheered him on, so they are no strangers to adventure. They were even experienced the National Championship game in 2010 together.

The two hope that their previous athleticism will give them a leg up on the competition, but that didn’t stop them from watching  all 20 previous seasons of The Amazing Race to pick up on tips and strategies, just to be safe.

Beerman, BS ’11, is now the clothing designer and head of sales for ATXMafia, an Austin-based clothing company. Wier, BA ’12, is working to sell land in the Texas Hill Country as a land consultant. For these two Texas alumni, The Amazing Race is an opportunity to experience new cultures. Neither has ever been out of the United States, but they look forward to seeing the world together.

When asked by CBS producers about the accomplishment that made them most proud, Wier and Beerman showed their Longhorn pride. Wier said “graduating from The University of Texas,” and Beerman said, ” Accomplishing my dream since the age of 5 to attend The University of Texas and be a UT cheerleader.”


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