Gameday Battle Cry: #GetLoudDKR

An inside joke has become a mass movement for tomorrow’s West Virginia game.

When fourth-year defensive back Kenny Vaccaro told the Daily Texan last month that he “without a doubt” preferred playing away games because the Darrel K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium wasn’t loud enough to pump him up, the Longhorn Nation decided to change his mind—with a little help from Twitter.

On Monday, student Cole Kirby and a friend were discussing the West Virginia game when they decided to create a Facebook event to help raise the stadium’s volume. “We decided that if we used social media, maybe people would get excited about it,” Kirby says. “We thought it would just be kind of a fun inside joke.”

Kirby and his roommate, Ryan Hernandez, invited around 150 people to the Facebook event, which they called #GetLoudDKR. “Within an hour and a half it went viral on campus,” says Kirby. Quickly, more than 3,000 people had been invited to #GetLoudDKR. Now the page has more than 2,000 attendees and almost 5,000 invites.

Since Monday afternoon, the hashtag has circulated through hundreds of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, including the Texas Exes’ Twitter page. “Having the support of the Texas Exes really helped to get people involved,” Kirby says.

The hashtag has since been used by many UT football players, the official @UTAustin twitter, the Dean of Students‘ office, the Longhorn Network, and hundreds of personal accounts.

This 21st-century grassroots trend is as student-led as they come. There are no T-shirts, no official affiliations, and no planning. As Kirby says, everything is “purely social media.”

Kirby has high hopes for the noise level of tomorrow’s game. “We’ve got a lot of people in that stadium,” Kirby says. “I’ve always thought that all of those boot heels and aluminum seats could combine to make a lot of noise.”

Photo courtesy UT Athletics

Follow the progress of the #GetLoudDKR hashtag below.



These key tweets chronicle the grassroots movement to make Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium the loudest college football atmosphere in the country.

Storified by Texas Exes · Fri, Oct 05 2012 12:44:13

Wasn’t trying to offend anyone by saying DKR isn’t loud. I just like playing in more hostile environments. Gets me turned up.Kenny Dwayne Vaccaro
there is one simple thing for Texas fans to remember for this weekend. #GETLOUDDKRGetLoudDKR
It really is true. For having over 100,000 people at every game, we should be the loudest stadium in the country! #GETLOUDDKR #HookEmvictoria duyka
[VIDEO] @UT_MackBrown reminds all #Longhorns fans to come early tomorrow for the Stadium Stampede. #GetLoudDKRTexas Longhorns
@universitycoop I have full intention of losing my voice tomorrow at the game. #HookEm #RISE #GETLOUDDKRNichole Davidson
Mountaineers, pack your earplugs. #getloudDKRKeller Martin
‎2 percent of the stadium capacity is commited. Keep spreading the word. #GetLoudDKRCole Jackson Kirby
Are you coming to the WVU game Saturday? Join #GETLOUDDKR initiative and get @KennyVaccaro4 in the winning mood. #RISE Network
#HookEm RT"@UTSarah_Smith: Is it game day yet? I’m ready to welcome West Virginia to Austin. #GETLOUDDKR"AJ
Saving my voice to yell at Geno Smith for a good 3 hours in Austin on Saturday! #cantwait #GETLOUDDKRMichael Machado


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