Educating the Next Einstein

UTeach, a program that helps students obtain both their bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate in four years, was featured in a segment on NBC last week that highlighted the hard work and devotion of UT students in their classrooms.

The UTeach program recruits talented students majoring in engineering, math, and science to teach using a hands-on approach. Many UTeach students have assisted in classrooms for seven semesters by the time they graduate with their certification.

UTeach is radically transforming the world of education. Only 15 years after its conception,  Uteach has already inspired similar programs at 34 universities across 16 states. The 2005 National Academics Report cited UTeach as a model that could “transform the quality of math and science teaching.”

The National Math and Science Initiative predicts that by 2020, the first group of UTeach students will have taught more than 4 million students. With more than 600 UTeach alumni still teaching five years after graduation, UTeach is already transforming the lives of thousands of Texas children.

Photo and video courtesy of MSNBC.


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