Alumnus Celebrates 50th Red River Rivalry Game

It’s well known that Longhorn fans have an undeniably strong sense of pride, but one fan in particular is about to outshine the rest.

This fall, John “Malcolm” Robertson, BBA ’77, Life Member, will attend the Red River Rivalry game at the Cotton Bowl—a game he has not missed in 50 consecutive years.

Regardless of rain or sunshine,  sickness or health, Robertson has attended every Texas-Oklahoma game since 1963.

At 8 years old, Robertson attended his very first Shootout game with his grandfather, an avid UT fan and alumnus. Although tragedy struck the following summer with the passing of his grandfather, a tradition was born.

“I’ve gone to the game ever since,” says Robertson. “And it has been a ton of fun.”

In 1992, Malcolm brought his son to the game for the first time. What started between a grandfather and his grandson has transformed into a father-son tradition. Now it has become a family affair.

“Normally, if it’s an 11 a.m. kickoff we are all out of the door by 8 a.m. to get to fair park,” says Janie Robertson, Malcom’s daughter. “It is unreal.”

There are perks to not missing a game, says Janie.

“My dad can recall every game, every play-by-play, from the last 50 years,” says Janie. “So if you asked him the final score of the 2000 Texas-OU game, he would tell you in two seconds.”

Robertson assures us that he is too cautious to ever miss a game, though he does worry that uncontrollable circumstances may prevent him from attending future games.

“So far, God has blessed me with the great fortune to be able to have the health and the resources to go every year,” says Robertson.

You will never find Robertson in a sour mood on game day. Despite being a passionate fan who takes pride in making the TX-OU game more than a hobby, Robertson prefers good company to a winning score.

“Winning and losing the game is not what the day is about,” says Malcolm. “It’s about the memories and the relationships that you have.”

Photo courtesy Janie Robertson. Top from left: Bud, Malcolm, and Janie Robertson at the Cotton Bowl.


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