UT Falls Off Newsweek’s List of ‘Most Beautiful’ Colleges

Happiest, toughest, or best-looking? As college comparisons become more of a national obsession with each year, Newsweek has been ranking American schools in ever more creative ways in its annual College Rankings list.

Noting that “no one wants to spend four years in Uglyville,” Newsweek and the Daily Beast started crunching numbers in 2010 to determine which U.S. colleges offer the most gorgeous campuses and best-looking student bodies.

Last year, when Newsweek compiled its second annual list of the most beautiful campuses from across the country, UT ranked No. 18 out of 25. This year, it is suddenly no longer a contender.

With metrics including male and female attractiveness and aesthetics of the local atmosphere, UT earned straight A’s last year, but fell short of another Texas school: Texas Tech. At No. 16, Tech squeaked ahead with one, rather debatable, factor: the overall hottest student body.

And now, in the third annual Most Beautiful list, some other Texas universities have stepped in and pushed both UT and Texas Tech out. This year, West Texas A&M University is ranked No. 21, and taking UT’s place is Abilene Christian University at No. 18.

Do the eyes of Texas behold the most beauty in Austin, Lubbock, Canyon, or Abilene? Let the debate begin.

Top, UT’s Pom Squad; photo courtesy Flickr user I’ll Never Grow Up. Bottom, the Texas Cowboys; photo courtesy Steph Basile. Drileck.


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