Tips for a Kickin’ Chapter

Are you looking to take your volunteer organization—or, ahem,
Texas Exes chapter—to the next level? Look no further. We asked
chapter and network leaders to share their secrets.

Broaden your appeal.

“We work hard to create events that cater to all alumni. For instance, our legacy, young alumni, and business network groups hold events specific to the interests of each group.”

–Rachel Jacobs
BS ’01, MA ’02, Dallas Chapter vice president of membership

Switch it up.

“Think beyond the sports bar. There are many benefits to meeting at someone’s home, too: you know you won’t be the only person there, it’s more family-friendly, and home cooking is the best. You just can’t find Tex-Mex in Idaho—unless one of us cooks it.”

–Cheryl Foster
BA ’93, MS ’99, Life Member, Treasure Valley (Idaho) Network leader

Expand your reach.

“Don’t forget that many folks in your community may be huge UT fans but do not have degrees from the University. Invite them to meetings and fundraisers; let them know that they can join the Texas Exes, too.”

–Max Parker
BBA ’73, JD ’76, Life Member, San Angelo Chapter president

Start early.

“Six weeks before an event, we send out a save-the-date message. A month before the event, we send out a newsletter invite and post on our website and Facebook page. For our annual fundraiser, which is a Halloween party, we give a discount for early sign-ups. All these steps get people to commit to attend.”

–Carra Kane
BA ’97, U.K. Chapter president

Recruit hard.

“Go after the volunteers you want instead of waiting for them to come to you. Give them a specific task that involves them without being too onerous. It’s surprising how many people who’ve never been involved say ‘yes’ when asked.”

–Bonnie Leggat
BA ’71, JD ’75, Life Member, Harrison County Chapter president

Team up.

“Partner with organizations that can support you. We work closely with UT’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and the Center for Asian American Studies to recognize graduating students, recruit alumni, and build community.”

–Jennifer Wang
BS ’09, MEd ’12, Asian Alumni Network chair
Longhorn boot photo by Jeff Heimsath.



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