I Call Shotgun: Zach Anner Starts First Reddit-Powered TV Show

Zach is back! After a short hiatus following the cancellation of his OWN television series Rollin’ with Zach, former Longhorn Zach Anner, ’05, is launching a new online show called Riding Shotgun with Zach Anner.

The concept is the same: follow Anner and his crew across America and share more than a few laughs along the way. But this time, there’s a twist. In Riding Shotgun, Anner lets the viewers decide where he travels and allows them to interact with him throughout the journey via Reddit, an online news community.

The Reddit community (known as “Redditors”) actually helped Anner land Rollin’ with Zach back in Feb. 2011 when he competed on Your OWN Show. A groundswell of online support helped his hilarious audition video go viral.

Anner introduced this new project on Reddit with the same comic fashion that won their hearts before. In his announcement, Anner jokes, “Hey, Reddit, it’s me, Zach Anner. Remember when you got me that show on Oprah’s Network? Yeah, I lost that. Whoops. But now I host the first Reddit-powered travel show, Riding Shotgun!”

This new show will allow viewers an unprecedented level of control: Anner will choose eight cities to visit based on the votes of Redditors.

“Even if your city isn’t chosen, you’ll be able to interact with us the whole time on Google Hangouts and use Reddit to suggest things for us,” Anner says in a YouTube video.

Riding Shotgun is currently in development. For updates, visit his website,

YouTube video courtesy Zach Anner.


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