Bevo Hosts Reveille At Home For First Time Ever

Whether you say Hook ’em or Gig ’em, the end to a more than century-long game rivalry will be missed by all—mascots included.

Right before the Aggies departed the Big 12 for the SEC, the Texas A&M mascot Reveille VIII visited Bevo XIV, at his ranch for the very first time.

Each summer, the ranch puts on the Sunrise Showmanship Camp, a cattle camp that hosts up to 40 kids and is filled with activities, training, and motivational speakers.

When last week’s speaker, A&M sophomore and Reveille VIII mascot corporal Daylon Koster, offered to bring the pooch along while he met with the kids, Bevo co-owner Betty Baker couldn’t believe her ears.

“That was unbelievable,” Baker says. “I said, ‘Do you realize we are the keepers of Bevo?'”

Koster realized. And he was ready to make history happen.

Stepping behind enemy lines last Thursday, Koster and Reveille finally had the chance to meet Bevo—and to everyone’s surprise the two took a liking to one another.

“She never once barked at him, and he never tried to hook her,” Baker says. “They did just fine together, and it was truly wonderful.”

While we said goodbye to A&M yesterday, Baker wants us to remember the tradition and this historical moment.

“It’s such a positive story amongst all the negative,” Baker says. “It was so worthwhile, and so appropriate for the time.”

Watch the adorable video here as Bevo and Reveille literally head off into the sunset.


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