UT Students Create Commercials for Longhorn Network

Looking for a way to strengthen its advertising campaign, the Longhorn Network recruited the very best: UT advertising students.

A team of talented Longhorns helped to create and produce two Longhorn Network spots that appeal to the pride of UT fans. The commercials—called “Homesick” and “Little Longhorn“—will launch LHN’s new “Watch What You Love” brand campaign.

Set to debut at 8 p.m. tonight on the Longhorn Network, the Little Longhorn commercial features a father sharing a legendary Texas football story to his daughter at bedtime. Though it is past her bedtime, the girl is eager to hear it again—and invokes Mack Brown’s name when her dad says no.

In the second spot, a homesick Texas grad finds comfort altering his view of the skyline out his office window, creating a home away from home. Additional spots will debut in the coming weeks.

Over the course of the spring semester, the six advertising students worked on every aspect of the creative process. Hannah Puckett, Kate Griffiths, Cody Tidmore, Kyle Leavitt, Johnathan Wynn, and Jennifer Bankston started with the development of the “Watch What You Love” marketing strategy and finished with the actual production of the clips.

“It has provided an invaluable experience in working with clients to create a campaign,” says senior Kate Griffith. “It was real.”

That hands-on experience goes beyond a traditional classroom, says Ryan Romero, a UT advertising lecturer and the project’s head.

“This realistic aspect of the work is a challenge that most people don’t get to experience until they are already in the business,” Romero says. “This was a big step for them to have prior to going out into the real world.”



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