UT Family Lines Up Behind President Bill Powers

Sometimes a rumor from a single unnamed source can spur thousands to action.

So it’s been for the Longhorn community in the last 18 hours after one anonymous source told a journalist their leader’s job could be in jeopardy.

Texas Monthly‘s Paul Burka reported that a source told him UT-Austin president Bill Powers was in danger of being fired by the UT System board of regents. Powers had expressed disappointment last week after regents voted against allowing UT-Austin to raise tuition since its funding had been cut.

Within hours, social media—led in great part by students—swung into action. Memes sprouted, #SaveBillPowers trended on Twitter, and an “I Stand With Bill Powers” Facebook page snagged more than 9,600 supporters.

This morning, UT System chancellor Francisco Cigarroa denied the rumors.”The chairman of the board of regents has never directed me to fire anyone,” he said in a statement.

Here’s how the public reaction is playing out.

UT Fans Rally to #SaveBillPowers


With reporting by Tim Taliaferro 


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