U.S. News Rankings Mostly Good For UT

It’s a horse race, but we’ll tell you what’s happening. The latest edition of the venerable college rankings from the U.S. News and World Report came out today, and The University of Texas at Austin got both good news and bad.

Most impressive: UT’s College of Education held onto its #1 ranking among public institutions (and stayed at third nationally). And hey, that’s like winning national championships in consecutive years. The next-closest public institution, UCLA, was tied at 6th.

The Cockrell School of Engineering stayed at 8th, the College of Pharmacy ranked 4th, and the School of Social Work ranked 7th.

The UT School of Law, meanwhile, had last year made a significant edge up from 15th to what the legal community calls the “T14.” It was the first new school to have broken into the top 14 since 1990. But this year, it fell two spots to 16th, swapping places with UCLA.

Specific programs that ranked in the top 10 among their peers included accounting, information systems, entrepreneurship, and speech-language pathology.

Sure, we’d love to see the law school hit the top 14 again (and have high hopes for its search for a new dean). But all in all, good affirmations today for UT.

Photo by Marsha Miller.


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