Longhorn Wedding Is Cool as Ice

The Alcalde sees plenty of burnt-orange wedding cakes—but this latest submission takes Longhorn wedding pride to a new level.

Melissa Joachim Krost, BS ’08, Life Member, surprised her groom, Justin Krost, BBA ’05, MPA ’05, Life Member, with two UT ice sculptures. The frozen bar featured a set of Longhorns that even served guests their martinis.

“The bartender would pour the martinis into the top of the horn and they came out a spout at the side,” says Justin. “The guests then held up their glass, or in some cases their mouth, to enjoy a chilled martini.”

As if that weren’t enough, Melissa also surprised Justin with an 8-foot ice sculpture of the Tower. Longhorn brides-to-be, take note.

Top: The Krosts with their Longhorn martini bar (Ashley Garmon Photographers). Right: the 8-foot frozen Tower (Justin Krost).


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