“Forever a Longhorn” (Top Comments of the Week)

The Cockrell School of Engineering drew a number of accolades this week. On Facebook, Mary Birch Doyle took comfort in the news that UT’s engineering program was ranked sixth in the world: Feeling a lot better about that out of state tuition bill I pay for my engineering major!

The spunky story of Leah Raye Mabry, the first woman drummer in the Longhorn Band, continues to draw comments. Donna Beth McCormick says: Since she has been my best friend since 1956 we have shared a lifetime together, all because of Longhorn Band, the place you meet those who are like family and continue to be after all these years.

Two Texas Exes chapters mentioned us on Twitter this week: Austin and Dallas. The Austin chapter liked UT professor Daniel Hamermesh’s take on “The Know-Nothing Assault on Higher Education,” while Dallas waved a virtual hello to us in their first week on Twitter. Stay up to date with chapter news on our site!

We hope you were as fascinated as we were by economist Hamid Ali’s research on the financial calculus of war. On Facebook, Catherine Gonzales expounded on the economic impact of violence: [War] erodes confidence in transactions and business entities which I believe we see happening in the housing and banking markets.

A number of readers chimed in to wish junior safety Nolan Brewster all the best after the football player announced his departure from the team due to concussions. Yoli Bravo Flores said: All the best to you Brewster in the future, you’ve made a wise decision. You’ll be forever a Longhorn.

Photo from Flickr Creative Commons, JD Hancock


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