‘So Long to A&M’ (and Other Top Comments of the Week)

It’s been a busy week for Longhorns in the cybersphere. Check out some of our favorite comments below. And join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

“If a network launches and nobody sees it, is it really broadcasting?” asked Toby J. Tschirhart on Facebook. He’s not the only alum frustrated that the Longhorn Network hasn’t yet reached a deal with a major cable provider. Now is the time to call your provider.

Christine Fox responded to our report on how children affect their parents’ happiness: “I really think we (parents) could all benefit from parenting classes. It’s a real job – that we go into without any formal training and we can often feel like we’re doing it all wrong.”

A political debate broke out after we posted our story on UT’s plan to flip a special centennial coin at kickoff for Ronald Reagan’s birthday. “Seems appropriate. Most Presidential opinion changes at the flip of a coin,” said Chuck Rogers. Rob Turk was less impressed: “And the only vegetable available in the park is ketchup!”

Twitter user @missviviana13 whipped out her Alcalde knowledge at the office: “At a dept mtg I was able to quote an article I read in @TheAlcalde, love being able to share what UT is doing at work. #hookem

Commenter “GKJ” echoed the sentiment of many Longhorn fans after reading that A&M is officially leaving the Big 12: “Goodbye Aggies…don’t let the door hit you in the backside! Have fun being the doormat of the SEC instead of just the little brother of UT!”

Our story on UT’s being named the 35th-best university in the world spurred a chorus of cheers on Twitter:

@melissaemontes: “Awww snap!”

@TNTizzle: “More like 1st best!”

@cwofford: “Boom.”

@AugiesDaddy: “In the WORLD.”

@Texadelphia_ATX: “Yayyuhhh!”

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