New Longhorn Network Commercial Calls on Fans to Give Their Best

A new commercial airing on the nascent Longhorn Network features Matthew McConaughey calling on Texas fans to support this year’s team.

“After a decade of success to start the new millennium, a national championship in ’05 and three Big 12 championships, we fell on hard times last year,” McConaughey says. “Didn’t have a great season, didn’t play up to expectations or our standards.”

But citing the changes Coach Mack Brown made after last season, McConaughey says it’s “definitely a new day here in Longhorn country.”

He calls on Longhorn fans to show up and to give their best to the team, just as fans expect the best from the players and coaches on the field.

“Just as we expect their best every Saturday,” McConaughey says, “let’s give them ours.”


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