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Q&A With Tracy LaQuey Parker, Newest Member of the Internet Hall of Fame

As an early adopter and advocate of the internet, Tracy LaQuey Parker, BA ’86, Life Member, authored two best-selling guides to the web as it was just getting...


The Art of Teaching

UTeach has been preparing America’s teachers for 20 years. Wander along the fourth floor of T.S. Painter Hall and you’re likely to encounter goggle-clad co-eds...


UT’s Award-Winning Teacher Education Program Goes (Even More) National

The U.S. faces a shortage of 283,000 science and math teachers by 2015. Increasingly, educators are agreeing that one of the best ways to bridge that gap is a program...


Educating the Next Einstein

UTeach, a program that helps students obtain both their bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate in four years, was featured in a segment on NBC last week...



Rooting for STEM

In 14 years, UTeach has created a unique educational model for preparing science, technology, engineering, and math teachers, and the nation is following its lead. Photo...


Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Of all the public policy issues our state faces, none affects more of us than education. From pre-K to PhD, how good our education system is will determine how bright...

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