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The Inventor

UT physicist John Goodenough changed our lives with his pioneering battery research—and he isn’t done yet. On a Monday morning in March, a thunderstorm is pelting...


The Big Picture: Preparing for What’s Next

The Association is looking ahead to what future Exes will need and want. On May 22, dangerous thunderstorms forced the University of Texas to do something it...


Letter From the CEO: Honorable Tony

The former ambassador to Mexico is our new Texas Exes president. Every July 1 is a bolded date on the Texas Exes calendar. It’s the day when the new volunteer...


Spinning Wheels

In the northwestern corner of New Mexico, massive sheets of rock shoot out of the earth 7,000 feet high. It’s Shiprock—an iconic formation found among the 27,000...


Trending Now: Topo Chico and Man Buns

Topo Chico Water is stepping up its game in several varieties. This particular brand of sparkling mineral water hails from Mexico, and students tote the glass bottles...

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