Trending Now: Topo Chico and Man Buns

July 08, 2010 - Marfa, Texas, USA - July 8, 2010. Adam Bork serves up some cold Topo Chico mineral waters along with imported mexican Coca-Cola made with real cane sugar. The Food Shark truck in Marfa, Texas serves up a mix of Tex-Mex and vegetarian dishes emphasising natural ingredients and great taste. The truck is equiped with a kitchen but the heavy preparation cooking is done in an off site kitchen. (Credit Image: © ZUMA Ralph Lauer/

Topo Chico

Water is stepping up its game in several varieties. This particular brand of sparkling mineral water hails from Mexico, and students tote the glass bottles like prized possessions. In the large health-conscious community at UT, this fizzy water has become a favorite alternative to sugary sodas and can be dressed up with natural flavors, juices, or teas.

Trapeze Crop Tops

These flowy shirts, also called swing tops, are like the crop tops of the ’90s, but this time, they’re looser and more forgiving. They sway above the belly button and are often paired with the equally trendy high-waisted shorts. These laid-back shirts come in every design, from hip statements to back-in-style floral prints, and they’re cropping up in every classroom.

Man Buns

Described by some as “muns,” guys are growing out their hair and twisting it up into tightly wound knots. They’re a perfect complement to neatly groomed facial hair and tend to be worn by someone with organic coffee in hand (in a recyclable cup, of course). Whether inspired by ancient samurai or celebrities like Harry Styles and Jared Leto, it’s clear that buns are no longer only for the ladies. Move over #ManCrushMonday: #ManBunMonday is taking over.

Hooked App

Every student wants to save a few bucks, and Hooked helps them do it. The app shows time-sensitive food deals near campus and helps businesses boost traffic during slow times. Headquartered in Austin, Hooked started out under the name UMeTime last year. There are more than 20,000 students using the app and it’s expanded to several other campuses.

Adam Bork serves up some cold Topo Chico at the Food Shark in Marfa. Photo © ZUMA Ralph Lauer/


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