50-State Journey Ends in Alaska

John C. Thomas, BBA ’83, raised his horns in Alaska’s Denali National Park to celebrate the completion of his journey visiting all 50 states. Thomas is...


Alcalde Docs

Never Forget

The NYC Chapter of the Texas Exes remembers September 11, 2001, and the Longhorns we lost.



The Places Where We’ve Rooted for the Longhorns—and How Much They Mean to Us

A crowd at Memorial Stadium, circa 1960. In 1924, Texas played its first-ever game at what was originally a 27,000-capacity War Memorial Stadium.   A...


Twenty Years after 9/11, a Longhorn Reflects on the Unexpected Detour—and the Subsequent Broadway show—that Altered His Life’s Trajectory

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Kevin Tuerff and his then-partner, also named Kevin, were on an Air France flight bound for New York City. The...



Briscoe Center’s New Acquisition will be a Mecca for Architectural and Urban Environmental Research

When Steven Hoelscher saw Robert Polidori’s photographs for the first time, he was blown away. The images, depicting the devastating flooding and...


One of Austin’s Teeniest Attractions is Coming Back in a Big Way

For 60 years, one of Austin’s most beloved attractions was a tiny little train that ran on a very short track and carried just a couple dozen kids and their...


UT Researchers are Repurposing Cancer Diagnosis Technology to Battle Fish Fraud

Each year, Americans consume nearly 10 billion pounds of seafood, almost all of it imported. But what lands on a boat in the South China Sea is often very different...


The Way Back: Room with a View

Since 1937, the UT Tower has watched over an ever-changing campus and the city it calls home. Through wars, civil rights protests, a tragic mass shooting, and...

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