May | June 2014



Paving the Road to Hell

Who could be opposed to efforts to raise the graduation rate in Texas universities? Isn’t that like being against Mom and apple pie? There are some reasonable...



Heat and Work

I teach chemistry and spend a lot of time discussing the differences between heat and work. Heat is a fire and work is a battery—both are good, but one clearly...


Best of Campus Watch: May | June 2014

If a crime happens on campus—no matter how trivial or bizarre—the University of Texas Police Department is on the case. Featured in the New York Times, the department’s...



One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I am not what is now regarded as an “on time” college graduate. Officially, I took four and a half years to complete my BA in English. Well into my senior year,...


Raising the Tail

Jim Allison’s pioneering spirit is pure Texan—and his cancer drug is a global breakthrough.   In 2004, two weeks before her wedding day, 22-year-old Sharon...



Longhorn Rodeo Rides Again

Fifty years after an upstart student rodeo team hung up its spurs, a new generation of ropers and riders is trying to bring rodeo back to the Forty Acres.



UT-Austin Should Lead the Way in Boosting Graduation Rates in Texas

Improving time to graduation is an important goal for all Texas higher education institutions but perhaps most importantly for UT-Austin. As one of the nation’s...



What Gets Measured Gets Done

Those of us who spend our time arguing the fine points of education often zero in on the fact that there is no better way to ensure a child’s mobility than with...



Healthy Students Graduate Faster

Academic success and health go hand-in-hand. By making sure our students are physically and emotionally healthy, we better prepare them to graduate in four years...



Don’t Call It a ‘Victory Lap’

Ever since I was little, I’ve had big plans. They used to be silly things, like my sisters and I were going to build a lemonade stand, make $100, and then buy...