March | April 2014



The 2014 Texas Ten

We asked alumni to nominate the 10 most talented and inspiring UT professors to ever walk the Forty Acres and you answered.


The Invisible Man

Invisibility cloaks aren’t just for Harry Potter anymore. Imagine bending light, redirecting sound waves, or making an object invisible with the flip of a switch....


The Way Back: Willie at the Armadillo

In the early ’70s, the Armadillo World Headquarters was the epicenter of Austin’s growing live music scene and a favorite Longhorn hangout. Housed in an abandoned...



The Play’s the Thing

After 400 years, we still have much to learn from Shakespeare. In an educational climate focused on buzzwords like efficiency, STEM, and MOOCs, one UT scholar reminds...


For the Love of the Bassoon [Watch]

Very few people find their life’s calling at age 7. Sarah Vogts is one of them. When Sarah Vogts was a second-grader in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, she watched...



Reframing the Constitution

Red or blue, everyone venerates the Constitution. But one UT professor believes we need change. It has become almost a convention of contemporary American politics—like...


The University Needs You—What Are You Waiting For?

Texas Exes can help get the best students to UT, make it affordable to attend, and tell the University’s best stories. “We must all get together and work for...


Talk Back: Responses to Our January|Feburary 2014 Issue

{January | February 2014} Robots Our cover story on robots at UT appeared to win over a few curious kids—we’re confident they’ll become Alcalde readers for...



A Matter of Honor: Vince Young on Mack Brown

As told to Gary M. Lavergne When I think about my first meeting with Coach Mack Brown, I remember the great respect he showed my mother, grandmother, and sisters....



He Did It With Class

After 16 seasons, Mack Brown retired as head football coach of the Texas Longhorns. Beyond a 158-48 record at UT and a National Championship, Brown says he wants...

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