New and Noteworthy Eats at the State Fair of Texas

Hi, y’all! I’m Janelle Sosa, Senior Social Media Coordinator for the Texas Exes and the woman behind the scenes of your favorite social media account. You’ve probably seen my hand on our Instagram stories or me running around taking pictures at tailgates.

In previous years, I have tried both the most Instagram-worthy eats and the classics of the State Fair for the Alcalde. Now, I know that the big game didn’t exactly go our way, but Texas Football has still been making headlines all season. There have even been talks about a Big 12 Championship title in our future. In the spirit of making headlines, I made it my mission to try all things new and noteworthy at the State Fair of Texas this year. Let’s dive in.  

Fletcher’s Original Corny Dog 

Corn dogs count as breakfast food, right? Perhaps one of the most noteworthy items at the State Fair is a Fletcher’s Original Corny Dog. When walking into the fair bright and early, I knew I needed something of substance before heading into the Cotton Bowl for four hours. To my delight, the Fletcher’s stand stood out like a beacon of hope. This corn dog was exactly what I needed. The batter was light with a slight crunch on the outside. The hot dog was cooked to perfection. Plus, Fletcher’s has been around since 1942, so they know a thing or two about efficiency. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Pro tip: Visit the stand behind the stadium instead of the stand in front of Big Tex for a shorter wait. 

RATING: 7/10, a must-eat State Fair food. 


Needing something refreshing to wash down the Corny Dog, I headed to Ruth’s Tamale Stand to try the Trail-Ade. This Big Tex Choice Award Finalist is a delightful blend of summer fruits, crisp cucumbers, and fresh mint mixed with homemade lemonade. To say this drink hit the spot would be an understatement. The raspberry and mint combination is divine. I will admit it is on the sweeter side and costs 14 coupons despite being a smaller, non-alcoholic beverage. However, you do get to take home the cowboy boot glass as a souvenir. And doesn’t every Texan need a boot in their drinkware collection? 

RATING: 6/10, needed a bigger boot. 

Pickle Pizza 

After the game, I had a slightly sour feeling. (If you know, you know.) To match the sour energy, I headed to the Tower Building Food Court to try a new food that has been all over TikTok—pickle pizza. This was the best bang for your buck food I tried all day. For 13 coupons, you get two large slices that are big enough to split. The name may scare away some fairgoers, but the dish is essentially cheesy garlic bread with large pickle slices and parsley on top. With a white sauce base, this pizza is warm and gooey with a sour twist. Pro tip: Make sure to order your slices fresh, not fried.  

RATING: 8/10, pickled to perfection. 

Red, White, & Blue Crumble 

Brand new to the fair this year, Pound Cake Experts brought a patriotic treat to delight fairgoers. Blue velvet, red velvet, and butter pound cake bites are crumbled and served on top of a cloud of vanilla ice cream. After a devastating loss, I was in need of some comfort food to soften the blow. The cake was light and fluffy and paired well with the soft-serve ice cream. Although I could have used some more cake pieces, the dessert was just the pick-me-up I needed. The colors and plating make it impossible to eat with a frown. I would recommend eating this one inside, as the Texas heat can be lethal. 

RATING: 6/10, cooled off my post-game rage. 

Deep Fried Cheesy Crab Tater Bites 

The last item on my list was a Big Tex Choice Award finalist that was more than deserving of its title. The deep-fried cheesy crab tater bites were exactly what the name entails—a blend of minced crab meat, shredded potato, cheese, and spices that are formed into tater bites. The true star of this dish was the Cajun sauce made of onions, bell peppers, celery, and melty American cheese. This was my favorite food of the day. The potatoes provided a solid, neutral base for all the flavors that were layered on top. The crab was fresh, and the sauce packed a punch. Pro tip: If you’re sensitive to spices, have some water on hand.  

RATING: 9/10, provided the heat the Texas Longhorns needed. 

Not wanting to stick around with the gloating OU fans, I grabbed a turkey leg to-go and called it a day. While things can quickly go wrong during the big game, if you follow the State Fair Food Guide, you’ll be sure to find some award-winning eats. Try all of our recommended eats before the fair ends on Oct. 22.  

It’s not always easy being a Texas Football fan, but we hang on for the ride because we know there’s truly nothing better than being a Longhorn. Now, it’s time for me to eat some TUMS. See y’all next year! 


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