8 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Are you looking to fill your to-be-read list with some summer reads? We have the perfect selection of books to add to your list. Whether you are lying on the beach, by the pool, or staying at home, these eight books capture that summery spirit. 

There’s no need to stretch your imagination too far in order to bring these stories to life, as the setting for these three books is Austin. 

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave | Mystery & Thriller 

This mystery takes the two lead characters through well-known locations in Austin, including Darrell K Royal Texas-Memorial Stadium and Congress Bridge to watch the bats. Beyond the setting, the plot will draw any reader in with all of its twists and turns. Even if you’ve already watched the limited series based off the book on Apple TV, this is still worth a read. 

The Lifeguards by Amanda Eyre Ward | Suspense & Thriller 

This thriller revolves around the lives of three mothers and their sons who live in Austin’s Zilker Park neighborhood. The three boys all work as lifeguards at Barton Springs Pool. Everything seems normal, until one night, the boys return from work with a secret. What could possibly have happened at Barton Springs that the boys are so scared to share tell? 

Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill | Fantasy 

Have you ever imagined an Austin filled with angels, wizards, and monsters walking around? If so, this author brought your idea to life. The story follows an Austin musician who has just met his dream girl, when the struggles of his past come back to haunt him.  

If you are looking to explore further afield, these five books encapsulate the essence of a summer romance. 

Happy Place and Beach Read by Emily Henry | Romance 

These two books are everything one dreams about when imagining a summer read. While one is set in a cottage in Maine and the other in a beach house in Michigan, both books have protagonists that you will want to root for through their struggles in life and love. 

Meet Me by the Lake and Every Summer After by Carley Fortune | Romance 

Both books involve a lake and longing for someone you know. As each chapter jumps between time, you will catch yourself flipping quickly through the pages to answer all your questions.  

The Summer of Broken Rules by K.L. Walther | Romance 

The setting is a beautiful summer wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. To celebrate, the characters all take part in the family’s annual game of Assassin, in which players “hunt” each other down and shoot each other with a water gun or fake weapon to become the last player standing. Alliances are formed, and couples come together. Besides being a fast-paced love story, this book will bring out your competitive side. 


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