Longhorns on Mission Trip Make Friends in Ft. Liberté

Over the 2022 holiday break, Brian J. Puckett, MD, PharmD ’98, Life Member, along with UT students Stella Puckett and AJ Wachnin, traveled to Ft. Liberté, Haiti, with the Friends of Ft. Liberté mission. The group provided medical care and pharmacotherapy to more than 1,200 Haitians through their time running the medical clinic and pharmacy and by bagging and distributing food and live chickens to the needy throughout the countryside.

To wrap up their time there, the group held a huge “Bona Fett,” meaning “blessings” or “good luck” party for approximately 1,200 children in Ft. Liberté and surrounding areas, providing a much-needed meal to the children of Haiti. Overall the group found within the small villages of Haiti that the people were wonderful, loving, and generous, with huge spirits and zest for life.


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