Kicking Off a New School Year

On Aug. 22, another school year began at The University of Texas and Longhorns celebrated the first day of class at the Texas Exes Orange & White Welcome event. We caught up with some students at the event to ask them a few questions as they begin their journey this year on the Forty Acres. 

What are you most excited for this school year? 

“I am most excited for the football games. I’m in the marching band so I’m really excited to perform at halftime.” —Cheryll Huddleston, Music Education 

“Finally having the independence that I have been craving for years and years and years. I’m just excited to go out and be out there.” —Omar Almeida, Public Relations 

“Experiencing Longhorn traditions.” —Natalie Garcia, History 

“The new experiences, meeting new people, new opportunities. Maybe studying abroad!” —Ty’Yonna Tompkins, Business and Engineering 

What made you choose to go to The University of Texas? 

“I have been wanting to go here ever since I was a little kid. It’s pretty cool to actually be here.” —Jonathan Rogers, Business 

“My parents went to UT, so I went to a lot of football games growing up. I just think the city is awesome, it’s obviously a great education, and it’s a beautiful campus. I mean it really just worked out. This is such a great place.” —Seth Goodwin, Government 

“They have a really good music program and all the people here have been so nice and friendly, and everyone is funny, so that’s a plus.” —Cheryll Huddleston, Music Education 

“Honestly, I was hoping to date a cowboy.” —Katarina Jakimier, Health & Society, Pre-Med 

How many football games do you think we will win this season? 

“I am going to guess a solid six out of 12.” —Anya Kureshi, Sustainability Studies 

“Honestly, I hope at least seven. I hope.” —Jonathan Rogers, Business 

“I believe we are going to win 12 out of the 12 games, because go big or go home.”  —Michelle Anoka, CNS Undeclared 

Suffice to say, hopes are high for the school year and UT pride remains strong on campus. Here’s to a great school year. Hook ’em! 


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