Texas NROTC Reunion Celebrates $1 Million in Scholarships Awarded

Naval ROTC has been a presence on the UT campus for over 80 years with 2021 counting as a particularly special year for the members of the battalion and the NROTC alumni foundations. Created in 1970, the Midshipmans Foundation provides training and educational support to the NROTC Battalion, largely in the form of scholarships. The first Midshipmans Foundation scholarships were awarded in the late 1990s and this year the cumulative total of scholarships awarded reached $1,000,000.

Each year, usually around the Veteran’s Day football game, the NROTC Alumni schedule their annual reunion. Distinguished alumni are recognized and scholarships are awarded to deserving members of the NROTC battalion. At this year’s recognition dinner, Astronaut Alan Bean and two others were recognized. At the annual meeting, 73 scholarships totaling $133,000 were awarded to 42 members of the battalion. In addition, five officer swords were awarded to seniors.

After the meeting, the scholarship recipients and alumni gathered for a group picture on the steps of the tower. Any Texas Exes interested in the NROTC alumni organizations can learn more at utnrotcalum.org.


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