Texas Sports to Watch When There Aren’t Texas Sports

We are living in strange times. The worldwide spread of COVID-19 means that everything is different, scarier, and altogether tenuous. And we don’t have some of those familiar comforts that once put our minds at ease. The NCAA Tournament is canceled. The NBA season is delayed indefinitely. Baseball? Who knows yet. Sports, as we know them, do not exist right now.

Good thing the Longhorns have a backlog of fun moments to re-watch over and over on YouTube. Bask in the glow of some of our favorite recent Texas sports moments while we wait for the world to return to normal.

January 4, 2006: Texas vs. USC football

This is what you came for, isn’t it? Behold, in all its grainy (by today’s standards!) glory, the 2006 BCS National Championship. For further reading, check out this blog from four years ago, when I watched this game for the very first time. I still can’t get over Mack’s headset.

December 15, 2012: Texas vs. Oregon volleyball

Care to see Texas beat Oregon in the 2012 NCAA Tournament to win it all? Here you go! And while you’re here, check out our Alcalde story on the Texas volleyball team from last year.

October 6, 2018: Texas vs. Oklahoma football

Ah, but what about this one, from the 2018 Red River Showdown? Remember that? The heartburn-inducing Oklahoma comeback that led to Cameron Dicker becoming a Texas folk hero. I was there. I ate all the food. I also needed Pepto. Here it is:

June 26, 2005: Texas vs. Florida baseball

Right now we’d be gearing up for baseball season, but alas. So how about a trip down memory lane—the series-clinching game two from the College Baseball World Series in 2005?

A Football Life: Earl Campbell

Not a game, really, but let’s learn more about the life and career of the first Longhorn to win the Heisman Trophy, Earl Campbell. And check out the Alcalde excerpt of Asher Price’s Campbell biography.


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