Five New Books From the Longhorn Universe to Kick Off the New Year

Texas Seafood: A Cookbook and Comprehensive Guide 

By PJ Stoops, BA, BA ’99, and Benchalak Srimart Stoops  

Readers can set sail across the northwest Gulf of Mexico with Texas Seafood, a cookbook and illustrated guide to identifying, catching, and buying more than 200 ocean species. As fishmongers and chefs, the husband-and-wife duo detail sourcing wild-caught delicacies such as Red Snapper, mackerels, rays, and tunas, complete with information about the animals’ habitats and how to pick a quality fish. From steamed curried crab to chicken-fried ribbonfish, the book’s meals will have readers eating like they’re right on the Texas Gulf Coast.  


Janis: Her Life and Music

By Holly George-Warren 

It was the summer of 1962 when a blues-loving, wild-haired hippie with a soulful voice left her hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, and arrived in Austin. Janis Joplin was starting her first semester on the Forty Acres with dreams of becoming a visual artist, but quickly came to realize she was a natural musical performer, playing gigs in campus dining halls and at Austin staples like Threadgills on Lamar—which is still adorned with Janis Joplin memorabilia—and later Armadillo World Headquarters. Her stint in Austin is just one brief period of time that makes up the groundbreaking but tragic life of one of pop culture’s greatest icons, detailed in this new biography by music writer Holly George-Warren.


Freddie Mercury: An Illustrated Life  

By Alfonso Casas, translated by Ned Sublette  

Originally published in Spain, University of Texas Press’ Freddie Mercury is a homage to Queen’s powerhouse lead singer. Through Casas’ evocative and vibrant illustrations, the book tells the story of Freddie Mercury’s three “births:” from his childhood, growing up as Farrokh Bulsara in Tanzania, to Queen’s launch to his death at 45.  


Longhorns & Tall Tales 

By Duke Carlisle, BBA ’65, MBA ’66, Life Member  

As quarterback for the Longhorns’ 1963 national championship team, Carlisle has his fair share of tales. From playing against Texas Tech in total darkness when the stadium lights in Lubbock went out to the weekend Coach Darrell K Royal took the team on a weekend getaway to a dude ranch in Bandera, Texas, Carlisle’s humorous stories will take readers into the world of Texas football during a golden era for the Longhorns. 


SunriseSunset: Solargraphs from Plum Creek   

by Bill Wittliff, BJ ’63, Life Member 

Before his death in June 2019, screenwriter, author, and photographer Wittliff spent years placing photographic paper inside beer cans, tubes made of PVC, and other cylindrical containers he set up around his Plum Creek Ranch. He was practicing solography: using lensless pinhole camera with a long exposure to capture the movements of the sun. SunriseSunset is a compilation of his results, presenting the Texas landscape in a uniquely beautiful way. 


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