Meet UT’s Carli Todd, One of a Few Women on Staff of a Division I Men’s Team

Carli Todd never intended to be on the coaching staff of a college baseball team. After her job as a communications assistant for Major League Baseball team the Tampa Bay Rays led to her role as media relations director for the Texas baseball team, Todd thought she’d be in public relations her whole life. But when the team’s position for director of player development opened up, she had no doubts about it: she was the woman for the job.

In February, Todd officially began her new position, helping with scouting reports, planning operations, and helping student players with their academics and community service. Todd is one of only a handful of women to hold a job on the staff of a major Division I men’s team, and she’s just getting started.

Has baseball always been a passion of yours?

When I went to college I knew I wanted to work in baseball. I played softball as a kid and I have an older brother who played baseball. We had a pitching mound in our backyard and we’d practice all the time. I’ve known how to keep a scorebook forever.

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What’s it like being one of the few women on staff?

The coaching staff here has really embraced me. Almost every job I’ve ever had, I’ve been outnumbered 30 to one, male to female. But it’s never fazed me. I grew up like that, so I’m used to it. And baseball people are baseball people.

What’s your advice for women working toward a career in sports?

Women are just as qualified in a position like this as men. You just have to be passionate about it. Start early. There will be people who consider being a woman a disadvantage. If you carry yourself with the confidence that any man would, I think your options are endless.

This interview has been edited and condensed. Photo courtesy of Carli Todd.


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