Five Reasons Why We Love Bevo Forever

Trying to kill a dog is not good—never has been and never will be. For some reason, though, we can’t stop watching that viral clip of Bevo XV … kinda, sorta, maybe doing just that.

Maybe it’s because even Uga’s handler doesn’t believe that Bevo was actually trying to harm Georgia’s tiny bulldog. Maybe it’s because Texas ended up winning. Regardless, in some esoteric (made up?) way, Bevo flipped the script on what was supposed to be a blowout by Georgia, with Texas the underdog. That’s why Texas fans love Bevo, because he represents the brashness of The University of Texas: unfiltered, larger-than-life, and, in moments like this, kind of scary. Here are some other reasons Bevo will remain in the hearts and minds of the burnt orange faithful forever.

He’s famous.

Bevo attended both of President George W. Bush’s inauguration balls and is buddies with the likes of Matthew McConaughey and Kristen Bell.

He’s resilient.

Bevo X took a hit from Earl Campbell in 1972 and didn’t move much. You can’t say that for most living creatures.

He’s adaptable.

A group of Aggies kidnapped Bevo VII in 1963. He underwent a veterinary exam in College Station and didn’t raise a stink. Bevo IX was kidnapped twice in 1972, by the Aggies and some Rice supporters, who were perhaps jealous that the steer was hogging all the national championships, having been on the sideline for the 1969 and 1970 titles.

He’s quirky.

Every incarnation of Bevo has something that sets him off. For Bevo XIV, that was flags. For Bevo X, it was the color red and perfume. For Bevo XV, it appears to be bulldogs.

He’s actually nice to dogs.

Bevo XIV hosted Texas A&M’s Reveille VIII in 2012, not even letting the latter’s departure for the SEC stand in the way of a good photo-op. For all parties involved, let’s hope Bevo is just as hospitable to canines when Uga comes to Austin in 2028 for the Georgia vs. Texas game.

Photograph via Bevo XV on Twitter.


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