A Tribute to Breckyn Hager’s Hair

It finally happened, folks. Breckyn Hager, the self-proclaimed Young Prophet and defensive lineman for the Texas Longhorns, has rid himself of those famous golden locks. And who of all people served as his personal barber? Texas icon and Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, BS ’93, Life Member, Distinguished Alumnus.

For four years, Hager has steadily been growing out his hair with the promise not to trim it until the Longhorns won a Big 12 Championship. While Texas suffered a close loss to Oklahoma at the Big 12 Championship in Arlington, it was after UT’s win at the Sugar Bowl that Hager decided to go through with the shearing. On Monday, Hager announced his change of hair on Instagram in a photo with McConaughey. Now that the football player is sporting a new look, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the hair that has grown alongside this team.  

More often than not, Hager usually kept things simple on the field, just pulling his windswept waves back with a headband.

Occasionally, Hager switched things up with a messy man bun.

After helping the Longhorns secure the win in their showdown against OU, Hager’s golden locks were the perfect compliment to the Golden Hat.  

Before he was officially a Longhorn, Hager’s throwback picture shows he already had a preference for a shaggier hair-do.

The cherry on top for Hager’s business casual look? Two neat braids and a Louis Vuitton briefcase.


All photos courtesy Breckyn Hager Instagram


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